The month... we started 'Make in Metal'

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog, where we will be telling you all about what has been going on at the Smiddy in February.

This month has been particularly exciting for our team as we have started our first ever ‘Make in Metal’ programme for young people (aged 16-25). The first class we are running covers an introduction to traditional silversmithing which will see a group of 6 students create a silver spoon and a silver bowl over four sessions. The participants have now completed their first two weeks - creating a silver spoon using sheet and wire components and soldering them together and will spend the next two weeks learning the technique of raising in order to form a small silver vessel.

Look at the brilliant and creative pieces that have already been created…


Last weekend we also hosted our very first ‘Make a Wedding Ring’ workshop at The Smiddy, where we had a lovely couple make each others wedding ring for the big day. One chose a plain traditional style band, while the other chose a contemporary twist style ring. This class is a bespoke workshop which is completely tailored to the couples preferences in regards to design, metal choice, finish etc, which is why we invite couple to have a consultation before the workshop in order to design and plan their ring.

wedding ring.jpg

We are now taking bookings for wedding ring workshops throughout 2019, so make sure to get in touch if you are interested.

In other exciting news, we are so happy to have hosted our very first CARVE workshop at The Smiddy last weekend. Here at The Smiddy in Banff, along with the Glasgow Vanilla Ink site, will be the two new locations to have CARVE workshops, and we have plenty more dates throughout the year so don’t panic if you missed this one! CARVE is a fun, creative and relaxed class where you carve a piece of jewellers wax using a number of tools (files, carving tools, scalpels etc) to remove wax in order to create a design of your choice. Your carved wax is then cast in silver and you get to wear your very own creation whenever you want!


See you next time!

The Smiddy Silversmith